Wedding, Destination: New Orleans

People say New Orleans is the perfect location for a destination wedding.  I disagree.  I think New Orleans is dozens of perfect destination wedding locations.  Given a hundred years and infinite resources you’d be hard pressed to find another city in America with as many picturesque backdrops, charming gardens, four- and five-star restaurants, breathtaking chapels and top-notch celebratory musical bands.  Between the French Quarter and the Garden District, if you’re planning a destination wedding, New Orleans is the only place you want to look.

When you think of a New Orleans wedding you likely have one thing to tell your wedding planner: St. Louis Cathedral, Jackson Square, Photos by the fountain and a Jazz-exultant second line rum-pum-pumming to the Hotel Monteleone.  As the premier New Orleans Wedding Planner I’ve heard it dozens of times.  I’ll hear it dozens more.  And I’ll probably give every couple the same advice: “Jackson Square is a beautiful space.  It captures the French Quarter destination feel.  The cathedral is magnificent – and priced accordingly.  That second-line is great fun, a once-in-a-lifetime experience and anthropomorphizes New Orleans the way nothing else can… but have you seen any of the oft overlooked spaces?  Your wedding can be like none other in your circle and take advantage of all destination New Orleans has to offer, usually for less money than you thought.

Definitely consider the French Quarter.  Definitely look at the garden district.  But don’t limit yourself.  Look through these pages of New Orleans Destination Wedding location options carefully.  Each one is a jewel among gems.