December 10, 2010

Video Blog Upcoming!

The next step in is right around the corner: Videos of great weddings, wedding venues and points of interest to honeymooners and wedding party-goers. Stay tuned – the best New Orleans destination wedding videos are coming soon.

October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween, New Orleans

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Today – err, tonight is Halloween, the holiday that allows adults to dress up in fancy outfits and beg for candy. Naturally, this is a huge deal in New Orleans. We already love to dress up, we’re known for our appetites (of all kinds) and will take essentially any excuse to act silly and cut loose the ties of our southern reserve.

Would you believe that Halloween is also one excuse for a New Orleans destination wedding? It’s true – this all hallow’s eve afternoon in Pirate’s Alley (the cobblestone path that leads from Royal Street to Jackson Square between St. Louis Cathedral, Faulkner House bookstore and Pirate’s Alley bar) one very macabre inspired couple spoke their nuptials. They were dressed in costume, had professional photographers and several very entertained looking passers-by as witnesses. The clergyman and wedding party were as sincere and serious as any other, seemingly oblivious to both the hustle and bustle of French Quarter Halloween mayhem and the onlookers pausing to compliment their style and daring.

Just goes to show you – any season will attract adventurous lovers to New Orleans for their wedding day. Stay tuned for pictures of the unusual, and charming, couple.

October 17, 2010

Hotel Monteleon: Wedding Venue, Destination and accommodation?

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New Orleans is an unusually perfect city for matrimony, hospitality and honeymoon and the Hotel Monteleon on Royal Street is an unusually excellent theater for an exquisite union. The hotel whispers class where others scream gaud. Just standing before its facade harkens the tourist back to a civilized sentiment, a dream of an abundant past of understated luxury. Fodors gets it right:

The grande dame of French Quarter hotels—with its ornate baroque facade, liveried doormen, and shimmering lobby chandeliers—was built in 1886 and renovated in 2004. A stellar addition is the full-service Spa Aria. Rooms are extra large and luxurious, with rich fabrics and a mix of four-poster beds, brass beds, and beds with traditional headboards. Junior suites are spacious; sumptuous VIP suites come with extra pampering. The slowly revolving Carousel piano bar in the lobby is a local landmark, and the first-rate dinner in the hotel’s Hunt Room Grill is one of the city’s best-kept secrets. There’s live jazz every night in the lounge.

Do yourself a favor when considering New Orleans as your Wedding Destination: spend at least one night in the Hotel Monteleon and at least one drink at the carousel bar. You’ll never forgive yourself for passing it up.

October 11, 2010

New Orleans Weddings: Anything Is Possible.

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Scuba Diving Wedding Underwater

How do they kiss after the vows?

Being a New Orleans wedding planner means hearing a lot of… interesting requests. I’ve been asked to plan all kinds of bizarre weddings but none as unusual as these.

I refer to that article to prove that, yes, anything is possible. You can get married in (or ON!) a flying airplane. You can have any wedding you want. Anything your mind can fathom and your heart can desire can indeed happen. Your once-in-a-lifetime event is not only possible, it’s your obligation to yourself. Until you have your first child, your wedding should be the most memorable moment in at least two lives. Together we can make that the case.

Everyone has different dreams. Some people want to have a storybook chapel. Some don’t care, so long as their wedding destination is New Orleans. Some want to get married in… McDonald’s. Hey, I don’t judge, I just keep a psychiatrist in my Rolodex. Look into your mind, into your heart and then look me up. I’ll tell you exactly what happens next on the checklist to your dream wedding.

October 3, 2010

New Orleans Wedding – Elegant, Classic… Operatic?

There are so many excellent destination wedding options in New Orleans that some of the less aggressively marketed ones are easily overlooked.  Case in point: the New Orleans Opera Association Women’s Guild residence. The homepage really says it all:

This New Orleans Garden District mansion was formerly known as the Davis/Seebold Residence and became the home of the Women’s Guild in 1966.  The home was built in 1865 and is furnished in 18th and 19th Century European and American furniture, artwork, antiques and object d’art.

Though that does sum it up quite well, I’ll add my two picayunes. The old manse is truly a New Orleans treasure. In a day and age when so many of our beautiful heritage mansions are being neglected, divided into apartments or used as fraternity houses, the Women’s Guild lends an air of care and respect that is all too often lacking in today’s world’s disposable culture. If you’re considering New Orleans for your wedding destination, do yourself a favor. Make a date to stop by the Opera Association’s home. You may want to make your nuptials home, as well.

September 26, 2010

New Orleans Is The Destination For A Truly Unique Wedding

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A wedding of elephants

Giant top hat and spectacles not included.

It never ceases to amaze me how many people say, “I wish I could have _____ at my wedding,” thinking that it’s impossible. A colleague recently made the offhand comment that he wished he could have a wedding with elephants and peacocks like he saw on the discovery channel, thinking this was impossible. My reply? Just try the Audubon Zoo.

Yes, you can get married at the Audubon Zoo and rent the animals. No need to fly to India to have your nuptials amidst tigers and white horses – a combination sure to lead to fat tigers – you can have a wedding no one will ever forget in the heart of New Orleans. A classic silk and flowers ceremony with trumpeting white elephants flanking your guests – what speaks more to the gumbo of funk and elegance that is the epitome of New Orleans?

Your wedding plans are limited only by your imagination and budget.  Dream big and tell me your fantasies – I’ll have them planned out and present you with options. When you compare New Orleans to any other city to have your wishes fulfilled you’ll soon discover there never really was any comparison.