March 25, 2011

Tips For Writing Your Wedding Vows

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Nothing will allow you to express your love and admiration for your partner more than writing your own wedding vows. As a New Orleans wedding planner, I’ve seen this done in beautiful, tasteful ways that add depth to a ceremony. If you’re planning on giving personalized wedding vows at your wedding, here are some important tips to remember.

Make sure you get permission

Some religions require you to say traditional vows as part of the ceremony, but it’s possible for them to accommodate your request. Even though the answer will most likely be yes, just remember before writing your vows to get permission from the officiant.

Tap into your feelings

Assuming you and your partner are writing separate vows, it’s important to be alone in a quiet room with your thoughts. Try to tap into your true feelings about your partner by asking yourself some questions, such as what does the marriage mean to you, what is the best thing about your partner, when was the moment you knew you were in love and  what is your favorite memory of them. Write down your answers and harbor those tender feelings by underlining key words or phrases you might want to include in the vows.

Create an outline

It’s important to make your vows unique, but it’s equally important not to stray too far from the original intent of the vows. Wedding vows indicate an unwavering commitment to love the other person unconditionally. There are many examples around the web where you can get an idea of what sort of outline you want to use. Check out this site for a selection of wedding vow outlines that will hopefully inspire some of your own ideas.

Make it special

Once you have a basic outline and you’ve laid out some of your most sincere feelings on paper, it’s time to put it together. I can’t tell you exactly what to put, but you should be sure that it comes from your heart. When you think about saying the wedding vows, remember that even though everyone at the wedding will be listening, you are only making the vow to your partner. If possible, slip an inside joke that might have been running throughout your relationship that only you two understand or something related to your New Orleans destination wedding. Whatever you put in the vows, don’t forget to make it special for your partner.

Try it out and make edits

Completely finishing a draft of the wedding vows does not mean you’re done. Try reading it in front of your bridesmaid or best man to get their reaction. If you feel like something is not working, do not hesitate to take it out. Remember, your wedding vows should feel natural and come from the heart.


When the wedding vows are finalized, it helps to practice them as many times as you feel necessary before the wedding. This makes sure you’re comfortable with the wording and will read it confidently to your loved one on that special day.

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