April 12, 2011

The Five Basic Wedding Dress Styles

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For a bride, one the most important things on her wedding day is the way she looks. This involves everything from her hair and makeup to her shoes. However, nothing is more prominent than her wedding dress and how it looks on her. Whenever she’s reminiscing or looking at wedding pictures years later, the dress will be the first thing she notices. That’s why, as a New Orleans wedding planner, I always advise my clients to really think about the dress they want to wear on the big day. If you’re beginning to think about what type of dress you might want to wear, here are the five basic styles.

Ball Gown

For those brides who have always dreamed about the traditional wedding, the ball gown is the dress for you. With its full skirt and fitted bodice, the ball gown is ideal for brides seeking something grand and stately. Ball gowns offer brides many options as well. There are usually a variety of necklines to choose from and the gowns look great with trains. The large skirt makes it best for taller brides who are thinner or even pear shaped, since the skirt hides the lower half of the body.


The mermaid dress is growing in popularity and is considered a modern and sexy style. It’s typically a snugly fit dress that emphasizes the bride’s form before flaring out just before the knees. This style requires the bride to be comfortable with her curves and is often called unforgiving. Nevertheless, if you can pull it off, the look is tremendously sexy and contemporary. Like the ball gown, the mermaid style accommodates a range of necklines, so there are a number of options with this dress.


The A-line, which is probably the most common, is named so because the dress resembles the letter A. The dress hugs the upper torso and flares out from there. A-line dresses are common because they have the widest range of options, including all types of necklines, hems, fabrics and designs. Likewise, A-line dresses are complimentary on nearly all body types, so there’s no need to worry about your specific figure.


Like the A-line, the column style of dress is named after its appearance. The dress consists of an even hem line from the top to the bottom, which gives it a column-like air. One of the major attributes of the style is its simplicity making it easy to mix in other designs and looks. Overall, the dress is ideal for lean brides because it doesn’t hide very much and may slightly limit mobility.


The main aspect of this style is its clearly fitted waistline just below the bust. Other than that, this dress is open for interpretation and unique designs. Typical empire dresses come with straps or sleeves and are made out of light fabrics. This gives the dress a flowing and delicate feel that maximizes mobility and comfort. It’s ideal for outdoor summer weddings in New Orleans or an elegant indoor wedding.

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