April 14, 2011

Having A Perfect Outdoor New Orleans Wedding

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As a wedding planner in New Orleans, I’ve seen many beautiful weddings done elegantly outside in the Louisiana air. When people are having their destination wedding here in New Orleans, they typically opt for an outdoor wedding because the sweet air and allure that cannot be replicated. Although outdoors wedding are absolutely enjoyable, they are sometimes more difficult than indoor weddings. If you’d love to have the perfect outdoor wedding in New Orleans or anywhere else, here are some tips to remember.

Be proactive and aware of the weather beforehand

Weather is unpredictable anywhere, but in New Orleans, it can be particularly mercurial. While it doesn’t get as cold as certain places up north, New Orleans also gets cold during winter months. When you’re planning your wedding, it’s important to look at average temperatures around the wedding date. The opposite of that issue is the heat, which is much more problematic in New Orleans. During certain summer months, the humidity gets uncomfortably high. So, try to plan a wedding during those ideal months when the weather is just perfect.

Have a backup plan if it rains

Regardless of where you’re at or what date your wedding is, there will always be the unexpected. Heavy rain is one of those things that can really ruin a wedding if you’re not expecting it. You will have a better idea of the weather as the date approaches, but you should always have a plan B just in case the weather forces you indoors. Most places that accommodate outdoor weddings also have an indoor reception hall, so the worst that might happen is you’ll simply have to move things inside.

Make sure everyone’s comfortable

If you’re having an outdoor wedding in the middle of the day, chances are it’s going to get hot. That’s why you should anticipate this and make sure there’s ample shade and water available. For example, if your wedding is beneath a majestic oak tree, it shouldn’t be an issue, but if it’s in a meadow, consider having umbrellas for shade. Fans are also useful to have on hot days because they will keep your guests focused on you rather than the heat.

Watch out for bugs

Bugs are a terrible nuisance, especially in New Orleans, so simply anticipating their presence by lighting bug-repelling citronella candles and hanging zappers not far away will make things much better.

Pay attention to lighting and sounds

One of the luxuries of being outdoors is that you get to bask in the aura and light of nature. However, if you’re getting married near dusk, it may start getting darker so you’ll want to predict the type of lighting you might need so that guests can see clearly. Sound is another issue. You’ll want your guests to hear what’s being said at the altar, but things sometime get lost in the outdoor sounds. Setting up a sound system could help combat that problem.

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