May 5, 2011

Ideas For Best Man Gifts

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Anyone who’s been married will tell you that a wedding is perhaps the most planning-intensive and demanding event you’ll ever have to deal with. There are so many options to choose from, things to consider and gifts to give. As a New Orleans wedding planner, I work with couples to streamline the wedding process and accommodate any needs and requests that might come up. One question I get from clients is what types of gifts they should get for their Best Man. These are some of the ideas I give my clients.

Embroidered or Engraved Items

Of course, before I start giving out recommendations for gifts I always ask my clients what their Best Man is like. You probably already know his taste and preferences, so don’t get him anything he’s not going to enjoy. A very common gift for the Best Man is an object that they might like with their name engraved or embroidered on it. If he’s into something commemorative, then consider an engraved pen. If you want to get him some more practical, you can get an embroidered travel bag.

Golf/Sports-Themed Gifts

For most men, golf (and sports in general) are more than just a hobby but a lifestyle. There are a lot of unique ideas for gifts in this theme. For example, you can get a personalized golf bag or golf balls. Another option is a golf towel or golf-related key chain. You can also apply these same ideas to customized items of favorite sports teams.

A Weekend Trip With His Wife

If you want to avoid getting him a traditional gift, think about getting him something he’d really enjoy like a weekend trip at a nice hotel for him and his wife. Though it could be a little pricey if it’s someplace far away, you could go simple and get him a weekend getaway in the next town over.

A Guys Day Out

Continuing on the less traditional way to go, you could also get your Best Man a guys day out. Let him pick anything he’d want to do for one day (expenses paid), such as playing a round of golf, going to a baseball game or a simple night at the bar. Letting him pick what he actually wants to do will make it more pleasant for him.

Gym Membership

This is not a good idea if you simply get him one out of the blue, but if you know he loves working out or he always goes to a specific gym, consider getting him a membership or at least paying for additional months on his current one.

Executive Gifts

This idea is once again more traditional than the previous ones and a surefire treat if he’s a businessman. An executive gift includes anything from a nice clock and pen set to a leather desk blotter or brief case.

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